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I, personally, explain the Scarsdale Medical Diet`s phenomenal popularity in two words: *It works.` A slim, trim lady said to me recently, `Your diet is beautifully simple, and the results are simply beautiful.` I just say, `It works.` Any good doctor will tell you that what you eat is important to your health. Perhaps my background of over forty years as a specialist and family doctor has made me especially diet conscious. For all these years, I have been counselling patients to eat and drink sensibly and stay trim.

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I have listed for them quite specifically what they should or should not eat if they want to lose weight, or if I think they need to. A number of years ago I decided to save time by having my diet suggestions typed up and duplicated. If my mail has been any indication, those wellread, dogeared, duplicated sheets have travelled the length of America and to many places in Europe and the Middle East. Recently the media got the message and, suddenly sparked by newspaper and magazine articles, literally thousands of people from all over the world were calling and writing for `s `Scarsdale Medical Diet.` I am told that no diet has ever been as spontaneously and unanimously acclaimed as this one. At first it took off arithmeticallyone patient telling another person. As word of mouth increased, its popularity grew geometrically, nationally and internationally. Why the Phenomenal Success of the Scarsdale Weight Loss Diet Our bodies require a combination of basic nutrientsprotein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins, and water. You won`t develop any vitamin or mineral deficiency in two weeks, even on a starvation diet, but the Scarsdale Medical Diet happens to provide plenty of nutrients. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are the big three nutrients, and all of them come packaged in caloriesa fact we sometimes forget. The average person`s food intake contains approximately 1015 per cent protein, variations of between 4045 per cent fat and 4050 per cent carbohydrates. Fortunately we know that, we can make wide variations in these percentages and still deliver a healthy diet. The Scarsdale Medical Diet averages 1,000 calories or less per day and averages 43 per cent protein, 22:5 per cent fat, and 34.5 per cent carbohydrates. Most people hear about a diet from a friend, or read about it and try it. This is not always wise. There have been more than enough fad diets, some of them actually quite dangerous to your health. But nineteen years of successful, safe weight loss by multitudes of users of the Scarsdale Medical Diet have proved beyond question that it is not a passing fad. This Diet is good medical practice. A workable, proven, but rather private diet has suddenly gone public. The overwhelming response of the public and the media has encouraged me to write this , since I not only believe the Diet can be useful to many others, but also the previously published versions of the Diet have not scratched the surface of the programme`s lifetime thinning aspects. I welcome this opportunity to share with you fully the vital, longterm dimensions of the Diet. It is always prudent for your own doctor to approve and supervise your diet, and I so advise, even if you know you are in good health. Your GP knows much more about you than a stranger writing a in Scarsdale, New York. It is my experience, however, that an otherwise healthy person, no matter how farout his eating habits may have been, can follow the Scarsdale Medical Diet, and bereasoh ably comfortable with it. At the end of fourteen days on SMD, your individual Weight Chart will tell your personal story of gratifying weight loss. I will tell you exactly how to do this charting in Chapter 4. The Ingredients of the Successful Scarsdale Medical Diet What does a diet need to be successful? A successful diet has to start out with common sense and a little understanding of human nature. Individuals who are towers of strength will get trim on their own. You and I need some special understanding and help. A diet is useless if people can`t stick to it. A good diet must be palatable, safe, satisfying, and uncomplicated. It must show results in a reasonably short period of time. And, most important of all, it must help to develop a lifetime pattern of good eating habits so that the weight lost will stay lost. Why the popularity of the diet? BECAUSE IT WORKS!` Most Meaningful for YOU: Reports from Overweights As soon as the newspaper and magazine stories appeared, thousands of letters and comments poured in from women and men who had lost weight on the Scarsdale Medical Diet. Their reports are allimportant as proof for everyone, notably you, that the diet that worked wonderfully for them can work for you. Finally, there has been added demonstration and encouragement that SMD dieters not only can take off pounds and inches, but also keep them off. Please realize that the enthusiastic media reports and personal `testimonials` received have been unsolicited. The people involved, aside from my patients, are primarily unknown to me. They are from about every state of America, including Alaska and Hawaii, and from other countries. These people are not unusual. They vary in overweight from a relatively few pounds to 50 or more. Add to these the many formerly overweight patients who have been in my care for years. Their records prove that they keep trim year after year on the programme that I have named the Scarsdale Lifetime KeepTrim Programall yours in this. Here are just a handful of typical comments that have come to me from thousands of dieterssome in person, from my patients, and others by mail.